Remove SaaS and Low-Code vendor fees & limitations

Replace costly and limiting proprietary solutions with applications you own and control.

Enterprise application development
without lock-in

Low-Code platforms promise swift modernization but introduce vendor lock-in, high license costs, and often struggle to handle complexity. SaaS solutions come with similar disadvantages, particularly when the solution is used at scale and/or the standard functionality does not suffice.  At the same time, traditional development is expensive and slow. Rappit Developer provides a different way, combining Low-Code speed with High-Code flexibility. 

Yearly commitment

The best of both worlds

While Low-Code platforms tempt users with easy entry and fast development of first functionalities, they often come with a hidden cost and limitations.

  • Platforms typically charge hefty subscription fees based on the number of end-users
  • Customization of anything beyond standard platform capabilities is extremely complex
  • Vendor lock-in: you do not own the application source code and have to run it in the vendor’s runtime
There is a different way: Rappit Developer provides Low-Code speed combined with High-Code flexbility. 

Customizable SaaS

“Standard of the shelf” SaaS solutions might be sufficient for many of your use cases, but also come with disadvantages: 

  • Might not fit your unique requirements, with limited possibility to add customizations 
  • High license cost when used at scale 
  • You are dependent on the vendor to add new functionality
There is a different way: Rappit Developer provides high productivity coding to rapidly develop a custom cloud-based solution fitting your unique needs. 
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Meet Rappit Developer

Low code speed. High code flexibility. Without lock-in.
No vendor lock-in

You own the generated source code, which can easily be exported as clean Java code.

Fast development

Prototype, develop and deploy customized applications 4x faster at 25% of the cost.

Data and AI enabled
Data & AI enabled

Swiftly make use of Google Cloud’s leading big data & AI technology.

Truly flexible

Add business logic without limits using traditional coding. 

Experience a different way of application development