Modernize legacy applications

Develop and deploy a modern application fast

Combine the speed of Low-Code with the flexibility of High-Code to move to the future

Do you still use Progress, AS/400, Lotus Notes, Oracle Forms, and other legacy applications? While legacy applications do have many challenges, they are still in use in many enterprises. Your legacy applications is business critical providing you with competitive advantage. Or the cost to rebuild and extend them are high, hampering you to take the next step.

Low-Code platforms promise swift modernization but introduce high license costs and often struggle to handle complexity. At the same time, traditional development is expensive and slow. Rappit Developer accelerates developer productivity by combining Low-Code speed with High-Code flexibility.  An application development product built for modernizers by modernizers.

Use the latest technology

Benefit from open and scalable cloud technology that is future proof.

  • Build on top of mainstream open-source technologies trusted by millions of developers
  • Minimize technical debt. Keep your applications fresh with an always updated and open-standards-based tech stack
  • Build for the cloud. Rappit Developer generates cloud-native applications, optimized for Google Cloud

Integrate with your existing IT landscape

Rebuild and replace existing features incrementally with no disruption to existing business with REST API-based integrations.

  • Integrate into existing systems
  • Enable new experiences
  • Build a new application side-by-side with the legacy system, synchronizing data to keep both systems run in parallel. Sunset features step by step until you can discontinue the old system

Design modern user interfaces

Provide applications with a modern UI that provide a great experience to users.

  • Provide a mobile-enabled, responsive User Interface
  • Apply any layout, theme & corporate identity
  • Add advanced User Interface as customization to the code generated by Rappit Developer

Why Rappit Developer is different

Low code speed. High code flexibility.
Truly flexible

Add business logic without limits using traditional coding. Run applications anywhere.

Fast development

Prototype, develop and deploy customized applications 10x faster at 10% of the cost.

Data & AI enabled

Swiftly make use of Google Cloud’s leading big data & AI technology.

No vendor lock-in

You own the generated source code, which can easily be exported as clean Java code.

Start your modernization journey!