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Rapidly develop Java applications on Google Cloud

Rappit Developer incorporates over 10 years of experience of building enterprise grade applications on Google Cloud for multinationals. Empower your development team to benefit from these best practices and get an jumpstart in developing Java applications, optimized for Google Cloud.  

Next-generation application development

Rappit Developer provides you with powerful tooling for cloud-native application development on Google Cloud. Complementing e.g. AppSheet for use-cases that require advanced customizations and custom coding. 

Rappit Developer-generated applications run in various GCP runtime engines such as App Engine (2nd generation), Compute Engine, Kubernetes, or Cloud Run. Applications are Landing Zone ready, and run seamlessly within your customers organization’s GCP environment. This means your customers can apply their organization’s established GCP Landing Zone strategies.

Powerful tooling
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Empower your developers

Low-Code platforms aim to engage ‘citizen developers’, offering a high level of abstraction and purely visual development. Rappit Developer takes a different approach, empowering professional Java developers with a high producitvity coding product that quickly provides a prototype and generates a a jumpstart of clean code that can easily be exported and customized further. Retaining the fun of coding in a familiar environment, and with Java, as programming language, that is used by millions of developers.

No vendor lock-in

You and your customers completely own the applications built with Rappit Developer and there are no license cost based on the number of application’s end-users. This makes it particularly suitable for applications used at scale.  

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Enabled for big data & AI

Rappit Developer-generated applications are by default equipped to synchronize application data to an analytical database like Google BigQuery. This enables the swift building of dashboards in Looker as well as enrichting the application with Data & AI functionality. 

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