One product to build, test and deploy enterprise business applications


Data model modelling

  • Support for several field types like String, Number, Auto Number, etc.
    Supports both NoSQL and RDBMS types database vendors.
  • Analytic Database syncs with real-time push to BigQuery.
  • Data validation and Access Control.
  • Data model visualization.

Workflow modelling

  • Model approval based workflows.
  • Visualizes workflows modeled.
  • Role based approval. 

Page designer

  • Generates ERP style pages & List and Detail pages.
  • Supports custom page extensions.
  • Includes a formula editor.
  • Instant prototype view of screen. 

API integration

Supports REST service integration.


  • Provides data encryption and source code encryption.
  • Offers property file encryption (Google Secrets).
  • Supports RBAC (Role Based Access Control).

Automated CI/CD process

  • Generates CI/CD scripts 
  • Enables one-click deployment to Google Cloud.
  • Automated pipelines with different branches for various environments.  


Supports translation for generated applications.

Login types

  • Google Cloud login.
  • Offers SSO support with Okta.

Automated testing

  • Generates test code to support the automated testing of back-end APIs for generated code. 
  • Developers can easily add custom scenarios.
  • Automates execution in CI/CD pipelines, with detailed test execution reports.

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