Is Rappit Developer right for my project?

Scalable web applications requiring complex customizations

Rappit Developer provides users with superior productivity to develop enterprise applications used at scale, and/or requiring complex customizations in Java. Examples represent a wide range, from simple applications, to advanced applications requiring customizations. Rappit Developer particularly adds value to use cases where you are considering traditional coding to satisfy your needs.

Typical application characteristics

“Off-the-shelf solution” not suitable

Cloud-native, based on a serverless architecture

Maximum developer flexibility to customize

Enterprise grade, to support 10s to 1000s of users

Users are mostly employees and business partners

Datamodel, potentially with medium logic

Customizable look & feel

Big data & AI ready

Integration to back-end systems

Used across devices (web & PWA mobile apps)

Many screens that are registrative in nature

Use cases for Rappit Developer

Modernize legacy apps

Modernize legacy applications

Develop line of business apps

Develop new applications, cloud-natively

Develop Line-of-Business applications

Extend Core ERP

Extend your core ERP system

Remove lowcode limits

Remove SaaS / Low-Code vendor limitations

When should I consider different options?

While there are endless possibilities for what applications can be built using Rappit Developer, you might consider alternatives when:

Dot net and python

Developers of your organization prefer backend languages other than Java Like .NET and Python

Mobile native

Mobile native app support is required Like for iOS, or Android, to be published in e.g. AppStore.

E-commerce applications

E-commerce applications
Like a B2C focussed mobile app for e-commerce where pixel-perfect UI design and web-scale are critical. 

Pure integration only scenarios
For this, consider Vanenburg’s Rappit Composer platform.

Machine to Machine learning

“Machine-to-Machine” workflows
which are more suitable for BPM solutions.

Project Management
Easily manage your project by Rappit-generated applications!
Easy planning
Optimize your planning scheme by using the flexible drag-and-drop feature to pick your key elements.
Patient details
Create your own template with the most important patient details for your situation!
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Project Management
Easy planning
Patient details
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