Open, intuitive, best-in-class, secure

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Based on robust open-source technologies

Rappit Developer leverages the power of Spring, Java 17, Angular and Bootstrap for the development, testing and deployment of applications.

Intuitive design studio

Rapidly prototype and generate web applications with the modern and easy to use Rappit Developer design studio.

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With Rappit Developer you build applications that are truly cloud-native.  Allowing you to realize software that can rapidly evolve ,scale. and make use of Google Cloud’s innovative data & AI capabilities.

Enterprise grade security

Code generated by Rappit Developer is scanned for quality with Sonarqube and generated applications are protected against OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities.

Integrate with anything

Effortlessly incorporate external systems into your applications through REST API. Simply register them and begin using their functionality in your apps.

Source code repository

Rappit Developer currently supports both GitLab and GitHub as source code repositories. 

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