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Depending on the application Rappit Developer can accelerate development productivity by up to a factor of 4. Rappit Developer does not aim to replace skilled developers but rather helps alleviate their workload and speed up development projects:

  1. a) Business analysts can manage a significant portion of the application development process through detailed requirements gathering and prototyping; 
  2. b) Application code can be generated to a point where skilled developers can focus on value-added functional code, such as data transformation routines, computations, or integrations.

Vanenburg offers documentation, training classes, videos, and documentation for Consultants and Developers. Training sessions for Consultants / Business Analysts take about 4 hours, while training session for Developers take 2x 8 hours. Note that  developers must have experience or skills in Java, Angular, and RDBMS/NoSQL with prior application development knowledge.

Yes, Rappit Developer is suitable for both small and large-scale projects. Rappit Developer’s modular and scalable architecture allows developers to start with a small project and expand it over time. Rappit Developer can handle the complexity of enterprise-level applications and the simplicity of smaller projects.

Rappit Developer  creates PWA-based responsive applications for running apps on mobile browsers. Rappit Developer does not create native mobile apps. For optional publication in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, off-the-shelf tools are available for creating manifest files, such as PWABuilder or Google’s Bubblewrap.

As an alternative, PWA apps support being “installed” on a browser when an app is accessed for the first time. Once PWA apps are “installed”, an icon will be added to the desktop or mobile phone home screen, which can subsequently be clicked/tapped by the user to start the app. In this case, the app will run on a “headless browser”, which runs the app in a browser without showing the browser’s address bar or toolbars.

Yes, Rappit Developer can integrate with existing systems via multiple methods. This includes simple data import/export capabilities with file/folder listeners and full support for REST-based API integrations. This enables our customomers to leverage existing infrastructure and applications while building new solutions.

Yes, Rappit Developer is well-suited for agile software development methodologies. Its modular architecture and pre-built components facilitate iterative and incremental development. Rappit Developer enables rapid prototyping with continuous integration and deployment, making it an ideal choice for agile development teams.

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