Building a next-generation digital platform for the printing industry

ColorBase Exchange is a new cloud-based platform that connects printing material manufacturers to resellers like never before. This new platform revolutionizes how users do business, streamlining data exchange, procurement, the sales process, customer acquisition, payments, and logistics.

Their challenges were:

  • Momentum to expand in the value chain with a digital platform that delivers a cloud-based marketplace facilitating the purchase and sale of print materials between manufacturers and resellers;
  • The previous IT infrastructure was not ready, and Color Concepts needed to move quickly to a robust, scalable, and agile infrastructure;
  • Since their previous application infrastructure was designed as a monolithic system with many interdependencies, information was fragmented in different systems and difficult to maintain and operate.
Vanenburg managed to rapidly rebuild a ten-year-old application and extended it with new modules and functionality in less than ten months. Making it future-proof, a 50% reduction of hosting cost, and reducing their ecological footprint, amongst other benefits.