Automotive customer success story

Rapidly modernizing advanced Lotus Notes apps for a manufacturing multionational

Leveraging productivity tooling, Vanenburg rapidly built advanced workflow applications on Google Cloud, replacing and extending Lotus Notes applications.

Their challenges were:

  • Struggling to automate non-standard and dynamic business processes;
  • The business processes were hard coded and challenging to change in their Lotus Notes applications;
  • 1,000+ Lotus Notes applications and 250+ servers that required maintenance;
  • High license and maintenance costs;
  • Strong business needs to facilitate the knowledge workers and their dynamic business processes, with workflow-oriented applications;
  • The applications were required to be responsive, available anywhere anytime, and running on the latest tablet and smartphone models.
Vanenburg managed to rapidly develop the business-critical applications in 2 months on Google Cloud, integrating with other in-house enterprise systems with full flexibility.